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Organic Boron Crosslinker OB-320
CategoryHandbooks for Oilfield Chemicals

Product Overview:

Organic boron crosslinker OB-320 is prepared by the chemical reactions between borate and organic ligand (polyol, addition products of ethylene polyamine and ethylene oxide, etc.). It can crosslink with guar gum and its derivatives (HPG, CMHPG), fenugreek gum, sesbania gum and other galactomannan polymer, and form gel with good viscoelasticity, in preparation for water-based fracture fluid. This product can significantly reduce thickener dosage in fracture fluid. The fracture fluid gel prepared by this product has characteristics such as delayed crosslinking, low friction, resistance to shear, easiness to break and low hazards.


Technical Index

Technical specifications for organic boron crosslinker OB-320

AppearanceColorless to brownish yellow transparent liquid
Density (g/cm3)1.20~1.30
pH range6.0~9.0
Solid content (%)Completely miscible with water
Crosslinking propertyForm uniform hanged gel
Crosslinking time (s)30~180, crosslinking time adjustable
Temperature tolerance (℃)~120
Gel breaker viscosity (mPa·s)≤5.0
Dosage and Usage

The recommended dosage is 0.20~0.50%, or determined according to technical requirements. Add in proportion when used in blender truck.


Pack in plastic bucket of size 25 kg, 200 kg or 1000 kg, or according to user requirements.

Storage and Transportation

The product should be stored in ventilated and dry warehouse. No contact with acid, alkali and other chemicals. Keep away from heat.

This product should be handled with care during transportation. Avoid moisture and damage.

Valid for 12 months. This product is of no hazard and can be transported as general fluid chemicals.