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Hydroxypropyl Guar Gum for Fracturing
CategoryHandbooks for Oilfield Chemicals

Product Overview:

This product is the hydroxypropyl modified guar derivative, used as thickener in water-based fracture fluid.


Technical Index

Technical specifications for hydroxypropyl guar gum used in fracturing

ItemTechnical Index
First gradeSecond grade
AppearanceLight yellow powder
Φ200×50-0.125/0.09 sieving residue (%)≤1.0
Ф200×50-0.071/0.05 sieving residue (%)≤10.0≤20.0
Moisture content (%)≤10.0
pH range6.5~7.0
Apparent viscosity (30℃,170s-1,0.6%), (mPa·s)≥110≥105
Solid content (%)≤4.0≤8.0
Crosslinking propertyAbility to hang on glass rods
Degree of hydroxypropyl substitution≥0.30≥0.15
Dosage and Usage

The recommended dosage is 0.20~0.60%. Add to fracture base fluid and swell sufficiently.


Pack in 25 kg kraftpaper bag with poIyethylene plastic as liner, or according to user requirements.

Storage and Transportation

The product should be stored in ventilated and dry warehouse. No contact with acid, alkali and other chemicals. Keep away from heat.

This product should be handled with care during transportation. Avoid moisture and damage.

Valid for 12 months. This product is of no hazard and can be transported as general chemicals.