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Beijing Guaran Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
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Beijing Guaran Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock code: 834517) was established in August 2005. The founder of the company was the first to introduce guar gum in China for oil field fracturing applications. With over 26-year industrial experiences, the company has expanded its business scope to the whole chains of guar gum industry. After years of continuous efforts, Beijing Guaran has become one of the most influential brands in the guar gum industry in China.
Through domestic and international study and exchange programs, the founding team of Guaran has learnt the professional techniques, advanced knowledge and experiences from both domestic and international partners, and form a unique business model that belongs to Guaran after the long time accumulation.
Guaran first started by guar bean procurement from India and Pakistan, and now has expanded to independent research and development, production applications and sales promotion of guar gum related products. Main products include high, middle and low level self-owned brand of guar gum and foreign custom-made guar bean, guar gum and modified guar gum. Currently, Guaran’s customers cover a wide range of industries, including food and beverage industry, medicine and chemicals, oil and gas exploitation, textile printing industry, papermaking industry, environmental protection, construction and incense industry and so on. The company sales have occupied the front place of the industry for many years, and now it has become the leader in the guar gum industry.
Guaran mainly manufacture food grade guar gum. Its production process totally complies with the national Food Safety Law, and the implementation of quality management system higher than industry standards is enforced. The nature and healthy quality of the product can be guaranteed by adopting scientific production processes and self-developed advanced equipment in a strict food hygiene environment. Guaran has now become one of the largest manufacturers of food grade guar gum in China. Same requirements of standards applies for the manufacture of other various fine guar gum products, and its product quality has reached the international advanced standards. The characteristics of the products, "high purity, high viscosity, easy dispersible, little taste", have won recognitions and popularities for the company from both domestic and international customers from various industries.
After passing strict scrutiny, Guaran was among the first to obtain national industrial product (food additives) Food Manufacturing License, Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification, Quality Management System Certification, Food Safety Management System Certification and Environmental Management System Certification, etc. As a good-paying Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise, Guaran has obtained a number of national patents and software copyrights related to its production processes.
Mission: Improve human life health and happiness through the green, safe and high-quality guaran products.
Vision: Make Guaran a well-being enterprise with honorable staff, customer satisfaction and social respect.
Values: Sound in morality, teamwork, diligent, promote together.
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